The Rise and Fall of Humanity

I’m sure we’d all like to believe that the human race has come a long way. Certainly, that is the message that we hear over and over again from those who lead us. And while we definitely have made improvements from the time when we lived in caves,┬ámany of the same problems remain, having been […]

Lest We Forget

It is regarded as one of the most important messages in our modern world. ‘Lest we forget’ represents more than just remembering the sacrifices of our soldiers and veterans, but also remembering the actions that lead up to the atrocities of the World Wars in order to prevent similar events from happening again. What many […]

A Holiday Request

The year 2016 is winding down. As the new year approaches, it approaches a world that is deeply troubled. A world that is full of war, of hatred, and of discrimination. It is a world that has been poisoned by the actions of humans, and it is a world that only the actions of humans […]


I know it’s been a while since this was major news, and things have quieted down a bit recently, but I thought it would be an interesting topic. If you don’t already know, Harambe was a 17-year-old Western Lowland gorilla who was killed by security at the Cincinnati Zoo after a young child fell into […]

And the Winner Is…

So it’s over. Finally. Seems like it was the only thing that anyone could talk about for the past 8 months. Trump versus Clinton. Democrats versus Republicans. But now that it’s over, a lot of people are left wondering… what’s next? First things first. Donald Trump is victorious. Congratulations to him. Despite what you may […]

Libya, Five Years On

Five years ago today, on October 21, 2011, one headline dominated newspaper front pages across the world. Millions celebrated as rebel fighters successfully claimed the city of Surt, killing dictator Muammar Gaddafi in the process, and ultimately freeing the country of Libya from dictatorship, and paving the way for other Middle Eastern countries. News coverage […]